A Final Trade

Feet dangling on the edge of a precipice of change.

Peices of my heart scattered, been rearranged.

Can this be real? Can it be true?

That pain, shame can vanish? On it’s coattails, life a new?


A heart that’s only known one way of life.

Torn, ripped, cut by a jagged knife.

A stony heart full of anger, bitterness and hate.

Traveling dark alleyways, alone no soulmate.


I heard a rumor of a sacrifice that was made.

A place where I can make a final trade.

Hand over the past, hand over the sin.

Find the water and jump right in.


An empty vessel waiting to be filled.

With a redeeming love for me that was spilled.

I heard a rumor that I can finally be set free.

Because of a Savior who came and died for me!



Published by

Amy Blount

I'm a stay at home wife and mother of 3. My oldest is 23 who lives at home because she is a delight and is autistic. My other 2 are in elementary school. They are all 3 girls. Raising an autistic daughter isn't the same as raising ones without. So it's like starting anew with some things. I will partly write about this. I have overcome many addictions with the only Savior Jesus for 8yrs. I will also write partly on addiction and how I see it and overcame it. I believe you will find my musings encouraging, helpful and sometimes a bit funny since I tend to be someone who holds nothing back. The purpose of my blog at first was to use it as an outlet, a way to get things out of mind and onto paper. But it has turned into a place I can go to encourage others with a short story, poem or to simply talk and try to relate. I just started blogging a month ago (April 2018) I wish I would've done it sooner! I promise to never try to sell you anything but Jesus' love. Be patient as this site may take on a few changes as I try to find my place in it and where I want it to go. I have many ideas swirling...stick around! Thanks for reading.

33 thoughts on “A Final Trade”

  1. Truly, it’s a great transaction. Great exchange. He bore my sins. He bore my shame and pain. He suffered so that I might have peace. What a great redeemer we have! Jesus my Lord. Thanks, Amy. It’s a great post.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, it’s been hectic at work, and flu epidemic at home. Then my computer broke down putting me behind on personal projects/goals, but I’ve survived l😂 👐. How about you? I can’t believe school is almost done, you’ll have the summer off?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I will have the school years off forevermore my friend! I’m homeschooling my two girls starting this fall! Something I thought I’d never be able to do but God has healed me so much that I’m ready!! Pray my kids are too, lol. Although there are times in terrified

          Liked by 1 person

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