Then Who?

Have you ever been deceived?

Hurt, pain, anger is all you recieved?

But when you look back, you know you made the decision…

that ultimately led to a scar on your heart, an incision.


Bible says the heart is decieteful, who can know it?

Listening to it can take you through some grime and grit.


What about those who hurt you for no good reason?

Gathering their weapons, aimed at you in treason.

The hurt, the offense in your mind as you keep reliving…

Will your heart deceive you into not forgiving?


If not the heart to listen to, then who?

Who should you allow to direct and guide you?

I think the answer is abundantly clear.

Draw close to God, and to you, He will always draw near.



21 Replies to “Then Who?”

  1. Amen! Amy, this is so true! Yes, we have the scars to prove that we have been hurt for no good reason, our enemies aimed their weapons at us in treason. But, God is the healer of those hurts. Amen! He can heal us in such a way that we can love those who hurt us, and even those who continue to hurt us. We can return hate with love, abuse with tenderness. We don’t have to allow those hurts to destroy us. We can overcome! We can live in victory, in peace! What others do to us does not have to take us out. We can be who God created us to be despite how others treat us. And, we can give all the glory to God for it all, too, for it is only in his power, strength and wisdom that we can love our enemies, and be free from bitterness. But, we can walk in freedom because Jesus set us free! Amen!

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