Rug swept out from under feet, wondering what will you do?

Whoever thought it would come down to this, who knew?

First to be taken, were your thoughts, your plans.

As the drug took over, running to meet its demands…

was all that was on the docket for each day

Never daring to step on that scale to see what you now weigh.

Stuffing the real you deeper; putting on a fake smile.

Did they all believe your ruse or were they in denial?

You tried so very hard to rip yourself away.

Back you’d go, each time your blue skies turned gray.

Being bound, no freedom, you’re left with two things.

Hope of a new tomorrow and the joy it brings.

But you can’t have those things without the Mighty One

He can come in anywhere and make your mess undone!

So without further ado let me introduce you to your King

Maybe you’ve met Him before, and your heart knows what He can bring.

Maybe you’ve blamed Him looked at Him with accusing eyes

Not believing for one minute that on that third day did he arise.

Ever the gentleman He is there with you in you cell

He’s willing to hold your hand as you face this new kind of hell.

I promise you He can take you to that impossible level

Where finally in hope and unspeakable joy will you revel.



20 Replies to “Undone”

      1. I thought my fever broke, but I was wrong. It’s 100.2 right now. This is my 4th day on antibiotic and I’ve lost my voice.

        I put eucalyptus oil in my diffuser like you said. 💕

        This stuff is awful. 😭

        Liked by 2 people

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