Sin Thing


Sitting here wondering how this sin thing came to be.

I understand; our own will given to us to be free.

Robots doing your will wasn’t in the plan…

But what a sad story; the fall of man.

One minute walking, talking communing with you

Next minute, naked hiding wondering what will he do.

Spiritual death, I get it. Ties were severed.

Hardships, pain, physical death were now to be weathered.

How easy it could’ve all been to eliminate or never create sin.

Then the world wouldn’t be in the huge mess it’s in.

But why? Why did it all even have to be offered in the first place?

I know because we are now given a chance to freely take Your grace.

It is what it is, most people shrug their shoulders and say.

Do they understand what they’ve now been given that it’s been done this way?

The sin problem was taken care by the way of the cross.

No longer does man have to feel the effects of sin, its loss.




16 Replies to “Sin Thing”

  1. Amen! Yes, this is a very deep subject. I remember one day thinking this whole thing through, too. And, it goes all the way back before God created the angels in heaven, too, for he created Lucifer knowing he was going to rebel against God with a third of the angels, and that God was going to have to toss him out of his heaven. But, God allowed Lucifer (Satan) to live, and the rebellious angels, too, knowing that Satan was going to tempt mankind, and that mankind would fall into sin, and that all humankind from that point forward would be born into sin. God even gave Adam and Eve a choice in the garden knowing they were going to make the wrong choice, and that he was going to have to kick them out of his garden, and that he was going to put a curse on the earth and on humankind. But, even from creation God had the plan in place that Jesus Christ would be our blood sacrifice for our sin.

    Personally, I believe God allowed it to go this way because he doesn’t want puppets or robots. He doesn’t want people who are made to follow him, but who choose to follow him. He gives us a choice because he wants us to choose him, because we want him, not because we are forced into a relationship with him. Now, indeed, if we refuse and reject him there are definite and eternal consequences, but we still have the choice to choose him or to reject him. And, another thing here is that evil has a way of being used by God to lead us to himself, too. For when we are tempted or when we are being tried by other people’s sins against us, it draws us closer to our Lord, and he uses these trials to purify our hearts, to make us holy, and to conform us to his likeness. And, this was his plan all along.

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