Amy’s Necklace — Maggie Tiggles

Check this out! So good. And that’s the pic of the actual necklace. Kathy did a wonderful job (as always) taking this happenstance and turning it into a believable story.

“My darling, you look magnificent tonight.” He bent to kiss his wife’s neck as he fastened the clasp of the gold necklace. Lilianna’s face remained passive. “Yes, how very thoughtful of you. Your secretary has such exquisite taste.” She allowed her dulled eyes to meet her husband’s in the mirror. He turned away to reach […]

via Amy’s Necklace — Maggie Tiggles


6 Replies to “Amy’s Necklace — Maggie Tiggles”

    1. So the necklace was Russian rose gold 14k. Pawn shop wanted to give 500.00 for it. My husband was leery and took it to a jeweler. It has a replacement value of $4,000!! Can you believe that?? We couldn’t sell it for that but still! We paid 1,900 dollars for that car! Lol


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