The Hourglass


Seems like we mortals do nothing but ask.

Ask of You for our wants and for our needs.

‘Cause we think, for You, it’s a simple task.

So on and on we beg You and we plead.


Seem to forget that You see what’s ahead.

You know what we need, you know what we don’t.

We wait and ask did you hear what we said?

You smile and say, “I won’t budge, no I won’t.”


What if we simply praised you day and night?

Putting our wants, needs daily in your hands.

Trusting your plans, You always in our sight.

You’re the hourglass holding our grains of sand.


I love and trust you my mighty King!

The days You give; your praises I will sing!

I wrote a sonnet! First time. The pattern I chose is abab cdcd efef gg with 14 lines. Each line is 10 syllables long. It was fun.


20 Replies to “The Hourglass”

  1. Congratulations on the sonnet thing – you’re ‘waaaay ahead if me on that rhythm thing and alphabet letters and syllables. 🤓
    But your words beautifully express our deep desire to please Him: He must increase and I must decrease.

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