See Me

I’ve got something to say, a hard pill for you to swallow.

For all I ever wanted from you was kept away as I inevitably would follow.

You left me with a festering wound that hasn’t properly healed.

You spit me out, only to tug me back in as you spun your reel.

You say how can I be a Christian and treat you this way.

My answer is still why couldn’t you love me; see me just for one day?

Forty four years clinging, grabbing at anything you will give, or hand out.

But I’ve learned hanging from the promise of you leaves me empty inside, a drought.

Well I still have something to say. Not to cause you pain but to show you…

I’ve found a Love to replace what you wouldn’t give, what was due.

He’s teaching seven times seventy every waking hour.

And His word, oh his Word, do I devour.

The promise of Him, I’ll hang on to forevermore.

Until I come and set my feet on that other shore.

And when I do, I hope He can show me why.

You chose to hurt me so early, causing me to be gun-shy.

I’m not cruel and bitter, for I want for you so much more.

To find your way to an alter and use it for what it’s for.



28 Replies to “See Me”

  1. Oh, so many people can dive into that one, Amy! You spun your words to include relationships with parents, spouses, siblings, so much. We do hurt each other, some for longer times than others, some with sharper weapons than others. God is always there. 😥

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  2. Today my husband and I watched the movie I Can Only Imagine and your poem very much reminds me of struggles people I care for dearly have experienced. May your ache ease ❤ and Christ carry this anger for you. Peace be with you, Amy!!! I know many can relate.

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    1. My christ carry this anger for you…awesome words. My get the wheels spinning on that. I can only imagine is a good movie. Just imagine, we all a have a bit of greatness stirring inside of us just like the author if that song.

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      1. Yes indeed, Amy — the Lord brings beauty from ashes, but His healing process can often be quite painful (and feels slow).

        I will add you to my prayer list. May the Lord fill you (or all of us, now that I think of it) with His peace and comfort during these tough times of healing. 🧡

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