Back for another refill, back for more!

I reach in and fill my cup as You pour.

Carrying what you give, what you freely supply.

I take it back to pass onto others in our city in the sky.

On streets made of gold, I walk the land with only one desire.

Each lamppost is my responsibility, to light with Your holy fire.

In the early days I often wondered how a man like me;

Could be given such a wonderful opportunity.

The life I lived was full of murder and of sin.

As every one of my foes, I ultimately did them in.

A murderer, a liar and a cheat was I for many years.

Until the day You listened to my apologies with forgiving ears.

And when my time came, You called me to leave there below…

to heaven with You, I was just glad to be able to go.

“Just give me a corner of heaven, just a small piece of the pie.”

“For I don’t deserve any more than that, not even to fly.”

But You looked at me, peering over Your big book.

and you said, “My child come and take a look.”

“All have a job here, All have a place.”

“To be here you must finally accept and keep my grace.”

“Yes Lord I accept, I’m ready to go into eternity deeper…”

Were my words as He dubbed me Heaven’s Light Keeper!

So when you look up at the night sky, all those lights you see.

Remember those were lit by a forgiven, redeemed, wretch like me!



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