That Blessed Day

For my friend Heather who lost her mom today. 

Here we go again more loss knocking at your door.

Just when you didn’t think you couldn’t take much more.

Loss, grief, death…it all means the same.

They left and you are here to remain.

Why does it seem death comes more to some than others?

Sisters, grandmas, sons and mothers.

With each loss you’d think you would become immune.

But the cries coming from your heart carry the same sad tune.

I wish I had answer for you, something concrete.

But really none of us will truly understand until we fall at His feet.

And when that blessed day arrives…

He’s gonna show us the answer to each of those lost lives.

And while your mama dances with Jesus in the big blue sky.

Try to remember that this is see ya later…not goodbye.

In Loving Memory of Florence 1936-2019



10 Replies to “That Blessed Day”

  1. Hi it’s never easy nope death is an enemy the pain we all feel the tears I don’t wish the death of a mother grandmother sister etc on anyone even those who hate us as Christian.

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  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend’s mom. But thank God we know that this is not the absolute end, we will one day be reunited with our loved ones again. We have this hope.🙏🏽🙏🏽


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