Narrow Way


Another mile on this road of yours…looks the same as the last.

Each step you take, mark you make, just like the one in the past.

Here you are again, nothing new under the sun.

But for some reason, you think this time you won’t run…

to the same old things, same old ways.

Away from Him, away just like the old days.

A little advice from one who did as you

There us only ONE way to start a new.

Found not in a bottle with a child proof lid.

Not found in an auction or another bid.

There isn’t a human, relationship that can bring this kind of joy.

A happiness better than a drink, drug or the latest toy.

Jesus said broad is the way that leads to destruction.

But narrow is His gate and He will not leave you without instruction.




7 Replies to “Narrow Way”

  1. Oh that narrow gate! I have really come to understand that scripture this past year and if you continue on I think it is interesting in Matthew 7: 15 that we need to beware of false prophets. We need to be very sure that what we read and hear is the whole HOLY truth of GOD! Blessings friend!

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