A Moment Not Taken

Walking away from a conversation, knocking yourself upside the head.

Thinking, wondering of all the words you chose to say instead.

A pause here could’ve been the chance to say just what they needed to hear.

Instead nerves filled in the space with something that didn’t even come near.

Comfort, an offering of prayer, or even “I know a God who loves you.”

But out came a joke, or an excuse and out the room you withdrew.

By not taking that step of action, by not being clear and candid

You leave them to fight their battle empty handed

They look to us more than we may think we know.

Waiting on us to offer His love, His strength, to help them grow.

Looking back you think “How can I go back and recover the words left unspoken?”

The moment given, the moment not taken, may never be again opened.



13 Replies to “A Moment Not Taken”

  1. Oh, dear; yes. Been there, feeling what you so eloquently express, hurting with the words you used. Knowing I missed that opportunity, that blessing, and praying that there will come one more obedient than I.

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  2. Oh Lord, have I been there. I had the chance to help a young man a few years back who was in porn deeper than I was. I told him I couldn’t help him because my thoughts were already going where it shouldn’t just from what little he told me. I regret that because I may have been the one that could have helped but I was scared for my own freedom 😦

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