Lingering In Liberty

God never intends for us to live on the brinks of insanity.

Where on the edge is turmoil and calamity.

Sure there will be trials, when we’re asked to pass a test.

But, He said “Come to Me all that are weary and I’ll give you rest.”

So yes, upon the just and the unjust shall it rain.

Remember He is the only one who can carry away the pain.

I praise you and I magnify you my wonderful Savior.

For you are the only One who can forgive my behavior.

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty

And in that place we can get back our mental clarity.

In where do you dwell these present days?

On the brink of insanity, unclear thinking, in a daze?

Or are you amid a trial, trying to pass the test…

Almost there like a wave in the ocean that’s just about to crest.

Lastly, are you in the presence of the Lord, lingering in liberty?

Safely nestled in the embrace of His spirit for all infinity.




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