Consider The Lillies

18749.jpgSounds like a good title for a poem! Maybe next time. Today I just simply need to talk, write, chew on some things and see if anyone out there feels the same. Isn’t that how we humans do things? We find those who are similar, feel similar or are going through similar trials and experiences. For surely someone who isn’t similar can’t relate. So we think.

Do you ever find yourself worrying? And I mean worrying. I guess if I were an expert at something, this would be my profession. Worry. Last night 4am to 5am I laid in bed talking to myself and then bringing God in. Back and forth like that for an hour. Something like this…”Well now I know what the problem is. No more worrying what is wrong with my feet.”

And then….”But now this means they will never be the same. They’ve broken down. Collapsed. Do I quit my job? Oh wait, God, can you fix my feet? Can you unbreak something?”

God says…Nothing.

And as all of this dialogue is going on, my husband comes back from his way to work, running in the door because his truck overheated and he has to take my car.

Me…”Oh great, now where will the money come from to fix that? How does a truck overheat in subzero weather? Hey God, can you fix that too?”

God says….nothing.

So on I go thinking on how I can fix these and many other problems going on around me. How many times do we do this? I can’t count. How many times do we search for unsearchable answers so we can feel in control. So we can find a sense of well being. It’s like those with OCD who have to have their things in place, just so. It gives them (us, yeah that’s me at times) a sense of control. That everything is where they want it so all is well in their universe.

This is probably the time when we all should get down on our knees, beg God’s forgiveness for our unbelief, and pray until miracles come streaming down from heaven. But I didn’t. I just kept this one-sided dialogue up until I fell back to sleep. Which then I was awoken by my own screams caught in my throat from a dream I was having…which now looking back, was bigfoot in a woman form clawing at my car to get in. Funny part was she had a pink bow in her hair. Have fun with that one dream analysts!

Just a few minutes ago I was encouraged by my mother in law to read Matthew 6:25-34 since I had shared with her how unhinged I’ve been feeling as of late.

Looks like God responded after all. In His infallible word He answered all the stuff I was shooting at Him. In His time. In His way.




48 Replies to “Consider The Lillies”

  1. I’ve definitely done my share of worrying. During the worst years of my suffering I started having anxiety attacks where I could hardly breathe from worrying about my health and the fact I could no longer work. It got so bad that I was having them several times a day every day. The Lord empowered me to let it all go and just rest in Him. After that I didn’t have those anxiety attacks anymore. When my whole world fell apart and there was literally nothing I could do about it, the Lord was right there and never left my side and He showed me I could trust in Him. God bless!

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      1. It finally stopped snowing and it’s about 27 degrees right now. Cold, but sunny and nice. Better than the 9 degrees we had the other day. We just caught the edge of the Polar Vortex, so we only had single digit temps for one night and that next morning. My Mom in Illinois said they will be getting wind chills of -50! That is dangerously crazy cold! P.S. I pray the Lord heals your feet and fixes your husband’s truck. God bless!

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  2. I may or may not know of someone who can benefit from this, and with whom I plan to share it. 😊
    You got a weather day off from school, huh? Great! What’s up with your feet??? ☹ Enjoy your day at home, enjoy your chicken soup, and take care of yourself.

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    1. Got 3 days off weather day. Temps are -17 below with a feels like -44! Thought I had plantar fasciitis for months now and was trying to fix it. Looks like my metatarsal arch may have collapsed which makes sense. Pain in my feet daily. Waiting on orthotics (2nd time around) to see if they help alleviate the pain. Thanks for Sharing my stuff. Also be in prayer as I’m pursuing to find a way to be involved with a ministry or start a ministry for those struggling with the after effects of abortion. I’ve asked my pastor which direction to go.

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  3. I have the advantage of many years and raising five children who now have their own children. Many mountains and valleys but God consistently saw us through all of them, in His own way, in His own time, without exception. Let your needs be voiced to God, the whole shooting match and then trust Him to see you through. He will, He always does but be prepared for some surprises along the way. He already knows what you want, He’s teaching you what you need. He is faithful, it’s who He is. Grace and blessings Amy.

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  4. You have a very wise mother in law. I think it’s on our nature as women to worry. Men seem able to deal with problems different. When my husband tells me not to worry, I tell him it’s my job to do so.

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  5. We think by worrying that we can actually control things. I’m no stranger to worrying. I read so much about people in the Bible who just put things in the Lord’s hands and carried on. And for a while I was almost at a level of that obedience. But I’ve fell away and it’s hard to get back.

    Just know you’re not alone on this.

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  6. I love it!😍 Do you ever have something on your mind, but you don’t know exactly what it is? Like your heart and mind is unsettled? If that makes any sense.🤷‍♀️ That’s how I’ve been feeling over the past few days. The past few days I’d just be laying in my bed and all of a sudden I’d find myself crying. (And, I bearly ever cry!! The only time i cry is at church or if I’m praying at home.) So I’ve been worrying for the past week over something I’m not even sure what it is. I guess i should wait and find out what it is and then start worrying.😂 I loved this post though!😉

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      1. That could be it. This is kinda how i felt the last time i was call into intercersory prayer for someone. I just feel like it has some to do with me. Like I’m about to go into another trail or something. The one thing on my mind lately is me missing my family in church. I have these short seasons of feeling alone because I’m the only one in my family in church. Maybe I’m going into another one of those seasons. I don’t know. May be God will speak to me tonight at church!

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            1. Wow! Ever wrote about that? If they read your blog I could see how that would be hard to do. If it becomes something you consider to do you could post it on my blog. It’s an awesome thing to hear about a young lady hanging in there like that!

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                1. I think you could write it in an email and email it to me…then I’ll put some pics to it if necessary and copy and paste it to my blog. You would be considered a guest writer. We could encourage all comments to come to the post on my page only or turn the comments off so you don’t run into anyone saying anything that could potentially be taken the wrong way by your parents. We could link your blog to it so those who read have a way to go to your blog and follow you if they haven’t already.

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                    1. It was awesome!! I felt so loved!🤗 I got 4 new followers and it made me so happy!😍🤗 Thank you again for this, it means the world. Most people don’t do much for me… I’ve had people say “Don’t hang out with Vanessa, she will make you backslide..” True story! So, i appreciate the love!!❤

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  7. It wonderful to hear that God spoke to you with that scripture. I know it will, and hold it close to my heart; His love is forever faithful to provide for our hearts.

    Worry and I definitely don’t get along, most of the time worry is left out in the cold 🥶 knocking; begging 🥺 to come in and invade, but my heart doesn’t give it the time of day!

    Blessings to my sister, I pray for peace within your heart; and I hope all works out with the truck.

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    1. Sub zero weather makes it hard to see the whole problem with the truck but my husband is very mechanically inclined. That’s a blessing for sure. I pray you are well. Are you living inside the artic blast we’re having?

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  8. Believe me, I have done my share of worrying…….anything from my dog, to what to wear and I know it isn’t right. Like you, I get into conversation with GOD, I preach to myself with scripture and eventually I fall asleep. But it all sounds like wrestling with life and GOD……p.s. I will be writing on this sometime in the future! Blessings friend!

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  9. So I must say that I did get a good laugh from your dream. But seriously speaking, I know those 4 am conversations with God. It was at a time when I thought I knew God, but looking back now, I realize that I didn’t. Because of not getting any answers from Him I got angry and would grumble and almost gave up. I told Him I would put Him to the test, I would read His book, be obedient to it and see if His Word was really Alive. That was the beginning of our beautiful friendship. He has become my best friend. Not only am I able to ask of Him, but I also hear Him through His Holy Spirit as He speaks words of encouragement to my mind.

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