The Hand of God

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Oh Lord how I wonder how large are your hands.

Can you really cause them to rest upon all our lands?

With a thumb on one coast and a pinky on another shore.

Grasping our earth, dominion over it all, to its inner core.

With a flick of your wrist, you swat off meteors headed earth’s way.

Like a filter, your hand protects us from the sun’s fierce rays.

And all the while your hand is making these decisions,

your steady hand is guiding a surgeon as he makes his incision.

How can hands so large be upon the tinniest of cells.

Purifying and replenishing where cancer finds its place to dwell.

Oh Ancient of Days, oh Son of Man,

Majestic Messiah, The Lion and The Lamb…

Have Your miracle working, powerfully protecting, loving hand

upon all of our lives. Upon all of hearts, may You always stand!




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