A New Song


Tugging my foot from your trap; I’d try to break free.

All the while I hear your repeated melody.

The tune you put out, never harmonized with my soul.

My ultimate defeat has always been your final goal.

How did I ever get caught up with you?

On my mind, on my heart, you’d constantly chew…

away, trying your best to whittle me down

to nothing, finding your way to leave me with a frown.

I figure you know this, I figure you’re keen

to the One who fights you, for me, our King!

Bending down, He broke the chains and set me free!

And he gave me a new song, a harmonious melody.

A little advice for you, not that I should care

But surely, surely you are aware.

Didn’t you read the back of the Book and read of your defeat?

Any can be free of your snare, thanks to Him who sits on the Mercy Seat.




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