Jesus Said…


My and Peter’s question has always been the same.

How to forgive another whose hurt comes down like rain.

Pelting you over and over with harmful words.

Adrenaline a’pumpin as your insides get stirred.

And before you know it you’re on your own little tirade

Counteractive words, shameful words, make it look like a trade.

Back and forth, as you and another barter and bicker.

The hurt and pain piling up, becoming thicker.

You ask yourself, isn’t there an easier solution?

But it’s not easy to walk away from the pollution.

Seven times seventy is what Jesus said.

Four hundred and ninety times to forgive when you’ve seen red.

Seventy times seven to forgive another for what they do.

Four hundred and ninety times to ask them to forgive you too.



31 Replies to “Jesus Said…”

  1. It is tough. And when they know you so well that they continuously mash her hot buttons for hours on end… Why? maybe simple elemental evil, but then you are in a situation where you cannot escape. Yes, I have been there and will be there again.

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  2. Amy, your poems always reveal, inspire and make me think! It is not easy to give over to God the hurtful things people have said and done, but slowly I am learning to remind myself that He sees all, He knows all and in the end HE will judge rightly. So, let me step aside and forgive as best I can.

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    1. It’s so hard when you’re bullheaded and stubborn like I am. Lol. But the Lord has been speaking and revealing to me what it really, truly means to forgive. And even allowing myself to be forgiven. If I don’t ask for it from others, I may not get it. And I don’t want that. Easily said than done of course. Thanks for you kind words. Some of these poems I write are based on something I’m currently facing. It is helpful to put a spin on my trials and rhyme them. Lol

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      1. You are very gifted at capturing the rawness of our lives and connecting us to the grace of God. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things. I am very slowly learning. May God bless you and lift the burden that it places on our lives.

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  3. I agree that forgiveness seems to be the lesson the LORD teaches me over and over. HE must be aware of how hard it is for us to do. Thank GOD HIS word instructs us to forgive……..when we do, we are free and GOD heals those wounds when we call upon HIM. Thanks for this post!

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  4. I like this. Yes, forgiveness can be required of us many times a day, but we who have been forgiven so much must not shrink back from forgiving others. We should forgive out of gratitude for having been forgiven so much ourselves. I have been forgiven plenty.

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    1. Yes I totally agree. For some it can be so very very hard. Those who never witnessed forgiveness in the families. They saw yelling, anger, and abuse then the next day everyone was ok with each other. But no, “I’m sorry” or any of that. I was raised in this type of setting in multiple family arenas. For me sometimes it’s hard to hear or to say I’m sorry. When I first got saved my mom hurt me so bad by not showing up for something important to me. I remember asking my saved mother in law…how may times do we let someone hurt us? 7×70 was what she said and when I learned that first valuable lesson. Something we gotta …just gotta do…no matter how hard. Thanks sti for the mention. And sorry for the ramble here😊

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