Chosen Souls

potential.jpgWhere do souls begin and where do they end?

Or does the beginning and ending simply blend?

Maybe there’s a glistening pool in Heaven, with souls floating a’flutter.

Each a fire, a light, swimming wildly like a boat with no rudder.

Each waiting their turn to go down below to begin their new start.

The Lord knows each light and can tell them apart.

And when it’s time, He scoops up the chosen soul and holds it tight.

He says, “Go, free-will I give, try to do what is right.”

From His mighty lips, He gives the child a windy blow.

Sending the child to the family He’s chosen, for He knows.

And when that soul has lived and has learned, and its time is finished.

Does the fire go out? Is the light diminished?

Or does that light keep burning  bright somewhere else for all to see…

That a life lived for God will bring a light back to eternity?

Written by Amy Blount Jan 2019



20 Replies to “Chosen Souls”

  1. About a soul. I’ve always wondered when man would realise that no matter how much headway is made in science, a soul can never be ‘invented’. This post points to that thought: we come from the Source, and to the Source we will return.

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  2. Love it. Did we have a beginning in a different form? We shall never have an end. What is in the middle is up to us and our faith in our creator. Blessings to you and yours in the New Year.

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    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to a new year. God has been good to us. My husband took the other job I was telling you about. Keep him in prayer that it’s a better fit for us, as you know firsthand how this goes and feels.

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