Grace & Love


I haven’t caught up with you in awhile.

Hanging out with you is no longer my style.

I do like to check in on you and see,

if you’re still ruining lives; targeting the family.

Sneaky and sly, playing games from the start.

Emptying out every unsuspecting heart.

You tell them “one is all you need; it won’t hurt.”

By your end, off their back, you’ve taken their shirt.

You whisper, you taunt, you shout to your prey…

Until they are powerless, no choice but to give into your way.

Addiction, yes you are on the rise

But I know a King with fire in His eyes.

He has you in His sights, in His crosshairs…

He’ll defeat you and show this world how much He cares.

Not one life, not one heart, does He not see…

Freed from your chains all can be set free!

Addiction I bind you once again in Jesus name

I cast you back to the pit of hell- not a trace of you will remain.

Let this be our prayer as we see our addicted loved ones this holiday season

With all their excuses and with all their reasons.

Try to remember they’ve fallen prey,

to a lying spirit whose gotten in their way.

Speak to them truth and show them grace

and make sure they see acceptance and love on your face.


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