Is It Morning Yet?

Is there anyone out there hanging on tightly, trying to stay afloat?

One wrong move and you know you’ll rock the boat?

If you give in to one tear, one emotion, it will all fall down.

For depression is lurking around in your town.

He saunters down the lonely streets of your heart.

Searching, shifty eyes. Feet dragging as he pushes his cart…

of despair, wondering how he can dump his load at your door.

His only job duty is to bring you on your knees to the floor.

Good old depression, he never does give up.

Half empty, is the way he wants you to see your cup.

Little does he know there’s bigger kid on the block!

For in the morning, joy comes bouncing upon the Rock

A firm foundation, a strong tower

Whose job is to set out and to scour

the streets of your heart, clear way the dark

And lighten your day with its brilliant spark!




17 Replies to “Is It Morning Yet?”

    1. You’re welcome Isabella. That depression lurks around me at times too. It’s so true if we give ourselves over to it, it will win. It’s easier now than it used to be to try to ignore it. God bless you…and hey, it’s morning! Have a a great day

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