Rise Above

This is the last of my nativity scenes to show you. It was my grandmother’s and has to be at least 40 years old.

Have you ever been asked to rise above; what does it mean?

Asked to step outside of the mold, when the other paints red, you paint geeen.

Ever had to be the bigger person?

For if not, the outcome would only worsen.

When they go left, you go right…for righteousness sake.

And when they start to argue, you do not partake.

You did the right thing and did not stumble.

Have you ever been here and been able to stay humble…?

So many chances to rise above, crime, gossip, shame and yes,  good ole’ anger.

But the only Way we have the ability comes from the One born in a manger.

He came so that we could survive ANY attack

the remedy found in every stripe on His back…

He bore for us all on that predestined day

When He rose above and didn’t respond to what the crowd had to say.

He showed us clearly how to be humble and rise above

when he asked on his enemy’s behalf, for the Father’s love.

Original work by Amy Blount Dec. 2018


26 Replies to “Rise Above”

      1. That’s so good.
        Must be such a relief! I’ve just gotten the decorations up and such. I’ve got the children’s stocking stuffers, but no gifts yet. Will do that Friday. Eek! I’m trying to think positive and say, not many will procrastinate as long as I am. Praying thats the case. 😊🙏🏽

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        1. It’s all good…this time next week it will be over. We had a Christmas play at the church last Sunday morning. The children’s choir director looks at everything cleaned up and done and she says…”all that work we did and it’s over just like that” so true…

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          1. Haha! Very true, but it’s all so worth it! We also had a Christmas play at our church last week on Friday night. It was beautiful. So, the running around, practicing and all, it’s all worth it. It’s a big birthday, the most important of them all. 😊🥰

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  1. Yes, we can rise above and stay humble, too, when we realize we cannot do this in our own strength or willpower, but only because of God’s grace in our lives in saving us from our slavery to sin and in giving us new lives in him, to be lived in his power, and to his righteousness.

    But, know that when we do this, i.e. when we are holy and separate from the world and unto God, we will be accused of being high and mighty and self-righteous and of being goody-goodies, etc. Because humans often equate holiness with a kind of superiority, but if it is true holiness, the only superiority is the superiority of Jesus Christ over our lives, and us being humble before him, which is why we don’t follow the crowds but we go the way of the cross.

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