My Heart Remembers

Last night’s Indiana December sunset

An old enemy of mine has come a’knockin again.

Taunting me, reminding me of my every sin.

He spins around me, above me, and even from within.

A nagging feeling that’s got me jumping out of my skin.

Whenever he’s around, I grit and grind my teeth.

He claws his way around my neck like a tightening wreath.

Then a light, with a small sound, shines out from the dark.

“Child, have you forgotten I can save you from that shark?”

Tears fall as my heart remembers peace of mind and safety from danger.

As my God once again frees me from my anger.



14 Replies to “My Heart Remembers”

  1. Amen! Jesus already defeated Satan. He already demolished our sins on the cross. So, when we believe in Jesus, we have that victory, if we will take it. Satan lies to us and tries to convince us that we can’t win this battle, but Jesus already won the battle for us!! We just have to walk in the freedom and in the victory which he already provided. So, take up that shield of faith and that sword of the Spirit and fight his lies with the truth, and keep on walking in Christ’s love and grace in victory over your enemy, all in the power and strength of God’s Spirit now at work in your heart and life, and all to the glory of God! Amen!

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  2. Because SATAN can’t stand for us to worship and love our GOD…….he prowls around us and I despise that he does that! HOLD ONTO the LORD and all HIS strength for you because when we are weak…….HE is strong!! Blessings to you friend!

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