Holy Walk

Most of you that read my musings know that my dad was my oasis in a childhood of let downs and trauma. Most years my dad had a tradition of taking my sister and I to the holy walk in a neighboring town.

A church would put it on faithfully every season. We would drive what seemed like a long distance, to a kid. We would be ushered into the high school gym where we would be put into sections in the bleachers to wait our turn. Most years the wait was very long, or what seemed very long, to a kid. We would then be directed onto school busses and driven to a piece of rural farm property where we would brave the cold and walk through the town of Bethlehem. Roman soldiers yelling and barking orders while our guide dressed in traditional clothing would speak for us as we would go to pay our taxes. We would see vendors, animals and travelers as we would walk the lit path. This ended with Mary and Joseph and baby jesus under a star in a stable. And don’t forget the hot chocolate and homemade cookies in the barn for each of us as we would wait on another fun bus ride filled with singing Christmas carols back to the school.

The tradition slipped away with time and it was something talked about, but never planned. And as you know, drugs, bars and parties got in my way of continuing the tradition…until. Last year I took my two older girls and my mother/law. And this past Friday, my husband and my youngest joined us! It may seem like a small thing to some, or even silly to others. But to me, it feels like going home. I love everything about it. Well, except the cold. It got down to the 20’s Friday night.

I love, love the fact that it’s something I did that my kids can do. I don’t have much of that to share with them. On our Christmas tree there are ornaments my husband made as a boy.  There are toys in the closet he played with as a child. I don’t have that to show my girls. So it just made me feel so proud.

I’ll share pictures with you at the end. But I wanted to drive a point home with this post. First, there were many amish in our group. They watched us curiously throughout…as I, did them. There were also many complaints going up around me, “15 mins a bus, that means we wait an hour and 15 minutes, ugh.” Another complaint was about the cold, and another about the cookies weren’t the kind she liked. But at the end, after we saw Mary and Joseph-holding what I hope to be a baby doll in that cold!- our guide took us to a cross. He spoke of Christ. How Christ was born so he could die for our sins, which I gave an amen to. This action sent the amish girls looking at me so strangely, as it’s not their custom for women to speak out like so. The guide mentioned there were pastors in a tent waiting for anyone with questions on how to be saved behind us. I believe these pastors and this guide to be of a different denomination than mine. That’s when it hit me. Some of us are there because our church is putting on this event, some of us are there because it’s fun and we never get out into the world, and some of us are there to re-create a family tradition…but we were all there that night because we all believe.


Bundled up and waiting in the gym





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  1. This is amazing! Loved this so much, and you’re not alone. There are things, and events that get in the way from either continuing such great traditions or getting closer to God. I’m at a stand still with God, I’ve seen Him, I see His providence daily but there people that keep me from entering the church – not literally. However, this Friday, the church will be having a Christmas play and I’m planning on taking the children. I pray that my heart remains calm, and I am able to go through with the plans. 😊🙏🏽
    I especially loved the end, where you wrote, ‘That’s when it hit me. Some of us are there because our church is putting on this event, some of us are there because it’s fun and we never get out into the world, and some of us are there to re-create a family tradition…but we were all there that night because we all believe.’
    Very true! Thanks for sharing such wonderful experience, so happy you shared it with your kids!

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    1. I know what you mean about people and church. Rise above. Pray for peace that passes all understanding and raise your head high and do it. And if you have to fake calm and fake kindness then fake it. Been there…still there sometimes

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      1. So glad you understand Amy! I know, I know and yet it’s still so hard for me. I pray and pray for that strength, but at the same time, I can’t pray for something deep down I feel I’m not ready to do. Haha, fake it, it’s true though! You’re right. I’ve gone a few two times these past two months, and I just end up upset by the time it’s time to leave. Why am I upset?! I don’t know. Did I expect perfection at church?! Why?! In my opinion, we – the ones in the church, are the worst of the worst, wanting healing and searching for God. So why expect so much from people there, I myself am not perfect. I need to lower the bar and know not to take things to heart.

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        1. Yes that’s it exactly. All are flawed. I remember how hurt I was when I first got saved and realized the saints of the church all had negative thoughts and feelings and emotions….just like I do. And there’s some that will never change, that don’t see it in themselves.

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          1. Yes, I know, I see it. But that’s exactly. We need to help one another, not only by praying for one another but to be able to my brothers and sister in the Lord, be able to tell me my truth. And vise versa, there are things about me that I may not see and need you to tell me. But when pride gets in the way, that’s all the devils doings, it doesn’t allow us to love one another as we are, as God loves us.

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  2. What an amazing and giving and wonderful thing to gift to the community! That’s really cool.
    I love how God was planting seeds in you when you were a little girl. He presented you with opportunity, with your dad, to create memories that were warm and meaningful. So precious to now share those with your family. ❤

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