Ever Been Here?


Driving down the road, professing, claiming and praising.

Giving “it” to God, naming one by one, faith raising.

Ten feet tall by the time I make it to my destination.

Striding valiantly, chin held high, happiness is my determination.

Spreading cheer and joy, giggling and smiling.

A line forms, folders of complaints they bring my way for filing.

Bad news here, “will you pray for me” there.

Behavior papers come home from school, sign here so we know you’re aware.

And like a pit of quicksand my mood gets stuck. Suctioned to the bottom, “Will this always be my luck?”

New day, same road…

Driving down the road, professing, claiming and praising.

Giving “it” to God, naming one by one, faith raising…



27 Replies to “Ever Been Here?”

  1. Amy, I think that is par for the course. For, when we are victorious, Satan is going to come against us to try to take us out. But, we can’t let him take us out. We must stand strong on our faith and put on our mighty armor to fight off his evil schemes against us. We must be aware of our enemy’s tactics and know his tricks so we’re not easily disheartened.

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  2. I appreciate this, Amy! Sometimes this repeat is more than a day, but weeks, months and years of hardship that keep piling on. Regardless, He is still worthy of our praise for He is God and has prepared a place in heaven for us. Thank God this world is not our home. Thank you, Jesus!

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  3. What a beautiful poem, I found myself in your words, me…with my every day struggles, my fears and doubts…still looking up to the Heaven above with joy. Thank you for writing so beautifully!
    I also wanted to thank you for following my blog, it means a lot! Blessings!

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  4. God love is what truly makes our hearts unstuck, when we choose to give it to Him; one by one. We just have to keep professing, claiming and praising. So our faith can keep forever rising, driving down the road of life! #BeenThere! A lovely piece, Amy!

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