His Fight

I painted this set last year. I love the way Mary is crouched down low to see to the needs of her baby.

Tonight I sit with a heavy heart. My enemy thinking he’s so smart.

Matching every move I make. There he sits before me and in my wake.

Haven’t I told him before? Haven’t I told him to mess with me no more?

Whispering lies, on and on he goes. Oh, but wait, he forgot about the blood that flows…

from the cross and through my veins. My Father, my King, forever He reigns!

And even as you read and even as I write, can’t you feel God’s presence reaching you with all His might?

He came as a babe, so humble and low. That He may die, to reap what we sow.

So tonight I now sit with a heart so light. For I know His ways are higher and No More is this my fight!




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