Earthly Disguise

This is a set was my grandmother’s. I can’t seem to do it justice with the camera. But I just love it. Don’t you?ย 

You were such a young girl, not even had you really yet given life a whirl.

Asked to do something huge and put yourself out there. To scrutiny, to shame, were you first aware?

Chosen to carry the holy child and as they say, so tender and mild.

Joseph knew not what to do and surely at first couldn’t believe you.

Until a dream, a vision showing him the truth. As you both inevitably said goodbye to your youth.

After a humble birth, to Egypt you three fled. Hiding from Herod who sought every child’s head.

As your boy grew, in his features you could see you…

staring through a king’s eyes, wrapped in flesh was His earthly disguise.

Some worship you, think you are holy, the one who did it all. A willing vessel you were, but only a mother who listened to the call.

And one day, like us mothers of angels, will you see…your baby, your child; the One Who brought us victory!





15 Replies to “Earthly Disguise”

  1. Joseph and Mary were really good at listening to and obeying God. ๐Ÿ˜Š Very good role models because they obeyed and did what was right, despite what others said, or the way they looked at them…

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