For My Love

My husband bought me this a cpl years back for Christmas. If you look closely they all have cloth clothes that have been sprayed to be stiffened. All the details are so intricate. It is rare and by far my favorite. Just like my husband!

There were corners in my heart where loved ones used to reside.

But as time passed on, so did they to the other side.

There were spaces in my heart where friendships were bonded

But over time we drifted apart, letters never responded.

There were echoes of memories in my heart of family displays of love.

That over time, I saw what it really was and had to rise above.

Echoes, corners and spaces sat empty creating holes within my heart.

But as I came to God, He saw them and knew just where to start.

Over time He filled each one anew.

With that last piece waiting to be filled by you.


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