My Post Picks Dec 3rd

I collect Nativity Scenes…next few posts I do I’ll share pics of them with you. 

Let’s dive right in today, shall we? Just today Bettie G posted A Gift of Joy She will remind you that internal pouting happens to us all, but God still loves us and cares for us.

Of Grey Skies and Rainbows at Alethea’s Mind, gives a beautiful, inspirational and visual post. Not telling you anymore as you need to see the pics for yourself.

Of Downfalls and Updrafts by Christine is phenomenal in the fact that it’s true what she shares with us in this post.

God’s Christmas Lights by Matt is so good. A wonderful reminder of how we are the vessels God uses.

God is in the Process of Answering Prayer by Loved by the King of Kings is just uplifting and helpful.

Hide Me! By Warren Richards is a love letter to the Lord. It is definitely my favorite of Warren’s writings so far.

I finding it fitting to end December’s post picks with Holy Hands of a Drunk Man by John Eli. John is always brutally honest with himself in his writing. I appreciate that. He is always willing to admit his wrongs and share them with us. When you read this, think of your loved one who knows God’s power, who has been close to God, who now has gone astray. That loved one still posses the ability to pray to the One true God on your behalf.

God bless you all.


12 Replies to “My Post Picks Dec 3rd”

  1. Amy…. Shame on you for making a grown man get all teary-eyed with your kind words…… ha! ha!….but seriously, I am honored that you shared my post with others. May God bless you richly. Bendiciones!

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