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Before I get to the tag, I’d like to announce, Tosin at Altehea’s Mind, has won the titleless poem contest I had going on with my last post/poem. ‘Victory at His Feet’ is the title I thought best to describe it. If you don’t follow Tosin yet, you may wanna check out her blog. She lives in Scotland and has many experiences under her belt to share about life and how she sees it.
I’ve been tagged by The Eclectic Contrarian for this little gem of a tag. If tap on the link for him you will find a post by him that would be included in my post picks, as he bares his soft side. It’s a goodie.

things to do:

1.Answer the questions you receive (straight, funny, absurd, up to you)

2.Add three more questions of your own to the list

3.Tag three people

I have been asked the following:

1. How important do you think it is to have an imagination?

My imagination gets me in alot of trouble. People don’t get half of what I’m trying to say because there’s all this stuff flying around in my head and when it comes out verbally, it doesn’t seem to convey what I’m imagining. It also gets me in trouble as it helps me to create all kinds of worries. But eventhough it’s always trying to fumble me, I also appreciate it for my writing. And also for my relationship with God. I can conjure up so many angelic and heavenly scenarios that helps keep God real in my mind and heart.

2. Do you bare yourself in your writing or do you tend to avoid telling too much about yourself?

I held back alot in the beginning of this blog until….The Whole Truth series came along. Now it’s all out there and I’m ok with that.

3. If you could roughly describe yourself with one word, what would it be?

Seriously?? How can you ask a writer for one word? There’s just so many! And so many kinds.  Hmmm๐Ÿค” I’m going with cool. Because well, I am cool๐Ÿ˜Ž But on a serious note, I’d like to be described and known for as Mother. Just wanna be a mom a good one.

My questions:

1. Two part question- Where were you on Sept 11 2001? Do you remember the feeling of such fear?

2. Where would you like to see yourself 10 years from now?

3. Do you support the idea of SantaClause? Do you think Christian parents should or should not allow their children to believe in santa?

My nominees:

  Kevin Parish

Matthew winters

Mark Rackley


23 Replies to “Q&A Tag”

  1. Amy, I liked this! I think you are pretty cool, too. And, I liked how you had a difficult time coming up with just one word. I do like it that you are honest about yourself. That is a very good quality.

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      1. Thanks, Amy! All praise goes to Jesus! And, you are welcome. I enjoy your blog posts. We have had decent weather the past couple of days, some rain, but not too cold. We did have a really cold week the week before that, though, and I was freezing. I am getting too old to be where it is cold. ๐Ÿ™‚

        When it is really cold we don’t go out much, and the weighing scales were showing that today, so this week I am determined to get out and get exercise every day. So, that is my big goal for this week.

        Nice chatting with you! โค I hope you have a good week being a mom. Praying for you now.

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    1. No problem. So you make your own post. Copy and paste the rules from my page or re-type them on your post. Answer the questions and then make up your own 3 questions and nominate 3 other bloggers you follow. Theres alot of different challenges and awards and tags that float around. Kinda makes things fun and gives you something to write about. Also helps get your blog out there as well as others

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  2. Yes, you’re so cool ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Funny we had that santa clause conversation last week, and decided it was best the kids knew who was working hard enough to be able to afford gifts….dad and mum; unless santa wants to clock in some hours on our behalf ๐Ÿ˜

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  3. I will reply with my answers and questions later in the week. A little too busy right now. You may have to explain the “SantaClause”. My wife and I are hosting a fellowship at church on Wednesday. I baked tonight. We add cream filling and icing tomorrow for a Buche de Noel along with baking other things (by my wife) for those who don’t want chocolate, nuts, and a tablespoon of Grand Marnier added to the filling. Also on Wednesday, Happy Sinterklaas Day – the theme of the fellowship before we do ‘business’.

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