Actions speak louder than words

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If a mommy can sweep away pride and laugh at herself…

Then her daughter will grow to take it easy on herself.

If a mommy can swallow the words a child shouldn’t hear..

Then her daughter can be a well spoken woman.

If a mommy can stop, and stoop down to see eye to eye…

Then her daughter can grow to hold her head up high in delight.


If a mommy can stay quiet and listen…

Then her daughter can grow to be someone who can express herself and her needs.

If a mommy can turn off or hide some of the unimportant tears…

Her daughter can learn not to blow with every wind of emotion.

If a mommy can get down on her knees and pray a hedge of protection around her daughter…

Then her daughter can walk under God’s precious umbrella of safety and assurance.

If a mommy can walk out her salvation quietly, yet boldly…

Then her daughter can follow in her footsteps graciously and righteously.


Written by Amy Blount 2018

P.S. These are the things my heart as mother cries to do. Although there are days I fail at one or another, I strive each new day.



12 Replies to “Actions speak louder than words”

  1. Gulp. Mothering is hard. I always felt it was such a fine line. I thank God again and again for His mercies and graces, that He can blur those lines, bless my mess, guide me to say or do something when I haven’t the vaguest idea of why, but then I find out what He had in mind, and He blows me away.

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