Give Me The Words: A Mother’s Prayer


Clutching on tight, holding to your promises with all my might.

As I wander through these dark nights, I see you in my sights.

God, hold my child in your hand. Prop him up, for he cannot stand…

Alone in this cruel world, he thinks he belongs. Or is he telling himself lies to cover his wrongs?

As a child I gave him all the tools: repentance, prayer, Your infallible word.

And now what he’s doing to himself is so absurd!

He’s lost his way, fallen short. My heart aches for him in every sort…

Of way, as I watch him wither away. Lord, give me the words you want me to say

to persuade my son to walk away from the addictions that led him astray.

Lord, of You there’s one more thing I desire. Return unto him the joy of his salvation, that holy fire.




34 Replies to “Give Me The Words: A Mother’s Prayer”

      1. You’re so welcome. Yes, feeling better, trying to take it easy as I’m still sore but overall grateful.
        As my husband sat in the waiting area to get an update from the surgeon, another doctor called over a lady that was sitting next to him. They disappeared and she returned with tears streaming down her cheeks – she said, he hadn’t made it, he died.
        The surgeon behind hers was mine, he locked eyes with my husband and gave him a thumbs up.
        We don’t know the time, or place. We do know that God has a plan and story for us all, as to whether we accept it, that’s another prayer for God that we must ask for. 😊🙏🏽

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        1. I’m glad you’re healing well. Surely it seems when we go through so much whether it be health or self induced stuff like myself, it feels as if we just gotta do something with it. Ya know? Help others with what we’ve learned and coping skills to endure. This has been on my mind lately. How can I help others?

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          1. You’re doing it now, you’re helping others by writing your journey. I find great strength by reading and listening to others testimonies, what God has pulled others from is such a miracle in itself. And continued prayer, never giving up on prayer.

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  1. I am the mother of four, plus the mother-in-law of four, plus the grandmother of fourteen, and I have prayed a similar prayer many times for one or another of my children or for their children or for other family members, so I felt this prayer. It was a very good and heart-felt prayer.

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  2. I felt this. Last night we were in our knees making declarations over our children and others around us. The path the world leads them too is such a fearful path that each day our hearts cry to the Lord to ‘deliver us from evil’. In the midst of all this pain, there is hope, because every seed sowed in that heart, one day, will break forth into a great tree of salvation and redemption. God’s word is strong enough! This is my declaration to the reason for this piece.

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    1. The son is the one I asked for prayer for on your prayer chain. Please do pray for him and for his mom. Thanks…you and I know addiction and how it can take a soul close to the pits of hell. I think sometimes prayers for those by those who have been there are more powerful for they know personally what to pray

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