My Breakup “Song” With Fear

Been thinking alot about that new song out there about breaking up with fear. These are a few words I add…

Breaking Up With Fear

After all you’ve put me through, I feel I have the right to be hard on you.

No tip-toeing, mincing words here….especially after all the lies you caused me to hear!

This wasn’t a relationship as most would think; for you held me captive, hanging on the brink…

of sanity, clawing and clamoring my way to the Light. You pressed the rewind button of my heart, as I closed my eyes tight.

When the old scenes played with no effect. You’d grasp at anything, the tiniest speck.

You were never welcome here, you would bully and you would shout. Fear, don’t let the door hit ya on  your way out.

There’s more to getting rid of you than telling you that you don’t own me. And that there’s no room for you in my story

There’s only One name under the sun that can make you undone.

Fear, in the name of Jesus I bind you from this story. And don’t come crawling back sayin’ you’re sorry.

Written by Amy Blount Nov 2018





21 Replies to “My Breakup “Song” With Fear”

      1. Yes. We moved here from Florida a little over a year ago. We live in my Husband’s hometown and have dreamed and prayed of living here ever since we met so it is a blessing for us.

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