Where Do You Go?


Where do you go at the end of a long, dreary day? The local pub to drink your worries and cares away.

With swollen, throbbing feet you march out your path. Thinking the warmth down your throat will quiet the wrath.

Where do you go at the end of a disappointing, failure of a day? The pharmacy line, holding your empty bottle in dismay.

With a gnawing in your gut that won’t stay quiet. Feeding the monster before it starts another riot.

Where do you go after a lying, cheating kind of day? The casino stool, your paycheck ready to give away.

With anticipation that luck is about to turn. But inevitably once again you’ll feel the burn…

A needle, an x-movie, a large meal or an unaffordable shopping spree. No matter the vice, no matter to what degree, they all keep you from being free.

Where can you go at the end of a line of wrong decisions? Go to the heart surgeon Who can make His first incision.

Run to Someone instead of something. And experience the joy His love can bring!

Roman’s 8:8

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.


37 Replies to “Where Do You Go?”

  1. Beautifully written. Where do I go, home and pray or talk to God and Jesus about the events of the day. Talk them through especially if it has been a bad one. Like most people it can take some calming. Yes God is the Surgeon cuts out that bad day in a trice.

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      1. Yes! We are reading them right now! Don’t let fear stop ya!
        I know several people who say amazon is a great way to go to self publish. If you are looking for traditional publishing I can check out a few for you and let you know. For novels most traditional require an agent but I am not sure for non-fiction and poetry.

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        1. Thank you. Let me know if you hear anything. Nice to see you reading my stuff and catching up. How did your thanksgiving turn out? We had a lovely time. How are you doing with your writing and projects you’ve been working on?

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          1. It is always a pleasure to Read your stuff but tend to get behind often! I need to brain storm some but I feel like I know if a publisher 🤔. My Thanksgiving 🦃 was great with family, it ended too soon. I’m glad yours was good 💕. I’ve gotten behind on my writing goals but ready to start fresh in December 🙂

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