Your Lies revealed


I can hear your whispers in my ear. Telling me what you think I need to hear.

Your lies are revealed this day. Hold on tight for I’m coming your way!

You lie to me saying I’m not enough. You lie, telling me I’m not tough…

I guess you forgot that I have my sword. This very day I can quote God’s Word!

You lie to her suggesting she just give in. Whispering, telling her depression will always win.

Silly rabbit, your tricks are for kids. Her feet are shod, she can’t hear your fibs.

Come now, now you try disease. Tsk Tsk Tsk. We can bind you; in your tracks you’ll freeze.

Chaos, pandemonium, confusion you throw our way. Strife, anger and defeat some would say…

Ya best look a little closer and see. For God has His hand upon my family!

So gets to getting, you old ugly, toad. Another one of God’s victories has been told!

Original work by Amy Blount Nov 2018


15 Replies to “Your Lies revealed”

  1. Love it! Love it! Love it!! Way to go girl! Just keep on putting on that spiritual armor to fight off Satan’s evil schemes against us. Amen! This would be a good one for any one of us to post on our walls (literal walls) as a constant reminder that Satan is a defeated foe and the victory is ours in Christ Jesus, and we don’t ever have to give in to his tricks. Amen!

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