What? Post Picks Again?

Hi all. Many to share today. I may not have enough room to share the what’s and the whys on some but know that each of these listed are posts that spoke to my heart and I’m grateful for that.

Fixed Point by Crystal Russell resonates with me still. I’ve recently started following her and this post spoke volumes to me. I found myself being reminded of her words throughout the next few days as things around me would spin. Thank you Crystal for helping us remember Where to look.

Walking on Water by Wordcoaster is awesome! And when I commented him with a compliment it catapulted another poem, from his response. Read The Pen to see what I’m talking about. We are God’s pen!

Robert Hanson is one I’ve followed since I first started blogging. He kinda took a break or something…but he came back around last week and just wrote up a storm…The Haunted House  and The Fun House of Mirrors

White Privilege by The Eclectic Contrarian is a testimony from the heart.

The Subtly of Doubt by Bruce

Abiding Peace by Sue Love

The Bride’s Dance by Jeff Rabb

How to Love Your Enemies…Like a Cat by Biblebloggergirl

Reckless Abandon-A ‘Ravens’ Story by Tosin

When Your Blessings Have Stains by Aldtric Johnsin



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