What A Day

This is a repost of something I wrote awhile back. I sense a heaviness in those around me today. It is the day after evil was given permission to run rampant on Halloween and I feel we need a reminder of who we are and where we’re going…and what a day that will be!


The light reflecting off the streets is blinding. A gold light. A bright light. A known light.

My walk is a sprint at the speed of light. The distance I walk is covered quicker than it is to think one word.

I fly but there’s no parachute, no wind, no sail. I fly but I fly in my mind. Where I think, there I am.

Looking up onto the biggest house I’ve ever seen. A mansion of grand design. When I touch the doorbell, I’m immediately in the foyer of a most beautiful home. There’s a man standing in the drawing room, waving me over. Eyes like the ocean right before dusk.

I glide to Him. I raise my hands to my head and they are filled with a soft metal object. I bring it down over my face. It’s the most beautiful crown, filled with jewels.

I look up at the Master, He speaks to my heart. In a instant He fills my mind with memories of water poured from my earthly body onto seeds planted.

I examine the crown as if it’s foreign; yet it’s so familiar. As I gaze into each of the jewels, I see faces of others I’ve known along the way, reflecting back at me in each prism.

I walk to Him, I kneel down before Him. I lay my crown at His feet. With my heart I tell Him…This belongs to You my King. You alone are worthy to wear this.

He bends down, cups my face in His hands and says…Welcome home my child.

Lord,  I want to be a witness. I want to help You seek and save that which is lost. I want a part in making the shepherd rejoice over the one lost sheep. Please give me the confidence to ring doorbells, to pound the pavement, to speak out about Your glory and goodness everyday of my life. Amen


24 Replies to “What A Day”

  1. This was touching, Amy! The Lord used you to ease some of my heaviness. I loved most when you went to sit at His feet, give Him His crown, and rightfully declare that only He is worthy to wear to it. His response was the part that melted my heart. “Welcome home, my child.” You did not have Him speak like the world.”Oh no. Take it back and keep it.” Instead you spoke as God would speak. Reminding us who we are in Him… His child. He is our Father who loves us to just sit at His feet. That’s where I’d rather be. It’s so comforting to sit here with Him together sister! ❤ I'm so homesick!

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      1. Dear Amy follow Barren Magazine on Twitter, a new literary online magazine. Check them out to see what kind of writing they have accepted. They are new and collect submissions about once per month. Then there’s others to Google under Womens Christian Magazines.

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  2. So beautiful Amy. Our journeys at times can feel heavy and as if it’s too much for us to handle. But trust that you can and you will get through this. You can take on more than you know, simply because He’s with you, every step of the way! Courage, you’re not alone.

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  3. Thanks, Amy. We’re of kindred spirit. I remember watching a theatre production titled “God With Us,” a musical written and directed by Robert and Elizabeth Muren, I had to record it so I could keep going back to it. I cried at the end when Peter walked up to Jesus in heaven and was welcomed with an embrace of love, I saw myself standing before Jesus and receiving the same welcome and I cried even more. Reading this brought it all back. Thank you, Amy.

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  4. I loved your story. Very touching especially after a comment I have received for my latest post. I can just imagine meeting the Lord in heaven. We don’t deserve His love but He gives it freely. May the Lord Bless you and your family.

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