Get Thee Behind Me


I hear that old familiar sound again, the ripping of my heart. What God has put together, satan will try to tear apart.

I feel the heat once again of the refiner’s white hot fire. When God tries us in the furnace, satan tempts us with fleshly desire.

On that mountain top, up so high. Satan in the valley conjuring up another lie.

Daily, taking up my cross to carry…all the while dodging darts of the adversary.

For every good work being done by the Lord…satan tries to weild his disastrous sword.

Bottom line?

I’d rather shake off satan while I’m freely saved each new day, then go back to the nothingness my soul used to live, rotting away…

Indiana sunset…our backyard

25 Replies to “Get Thee Behind Me”

  1. “I’d rather shake off satan while I’m freely saved each new day, then go back to the nothingness my soul used to live, rotting away…”
    AMEN, SISTER! AMEN!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. 18 chickens and 5 ducks! Abigail has been naming them…some of the names are bawk bawk, bandana and banana. Snow white, mrs. Grumpy and mrs Goldie. Waiting to see if we have 3 female ducks and two males

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  2. Amen! I get that. Never was addicted to drugs, but I knew other sins which had a grip on my life and where Satan had his hay-day for a while, and I know the deliverance that came when I fully yielded to the Lord and I trusted in his sovereignty over my life. I know that Satan finds ways to try to bring us down, because he wants us back on his side, but we have to stand strong in the faith and put on the armor of God and tell Satan “NO!” and follow our Lord, instead.

    So, keep up the good fight of faith, Amy! I am hanging in there with you!! I so agree with your conclusion. I feel the same way. I’ve been on that other side, and I never want to go back, not never!! I am free, and by God’s grace, I plan to remain free.

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    1. Thanks Sue! You have confirmed along with others where my next inspiration will be coming from…the full armor! The words are stuck for now, lol. Thanks for always reading Sue. I pray you and your husband are well down south.

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  3. AMEN AMY!! Thanks for this to the point post and loved the beautiful picture. Yes, satan (no caps) is after us whenever he can shoot those darts. And crafty too cause he knows our weaknesses. Don’t like anything about him and I am not about to give into it! So I proclaim the ROCK on which I stand……daily!! Blessings friend.

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