My Heart’s Song follow-up

This morning I posted My Heart’s Song. with the promise of an interpretation to come with it. The interpretation will come tomorrow.

In the meantime, my Kathy Wire @MaggieTiggles recorded herself reading this poem and emailed it to me. It was wild to hear the words I wrote read by someone else. Brought tears to my eyes. Kathy granted her permission for you all to hear it as well. What wonderful talent!. ..listen to the way she makes this poem sound like a true song.

Unfortunately I am not able to download audio to my blog. Leave me a comment if you want to hear it and I’ll email it to you!





15 Replies to “My Heart’s Song follow-up”

        1. I wrote the interpretation and read it to my husband. He asked me where do the words come from? I said it’s no different than you using our car with a tow strap going over your truck to pull up another truck on the bed of the trailer! Pure genius. He said “no that’s just hillbilly”
          I couldn’t help but wonder what the neighbors thought of him yelling “Ok go!” And me in the front blindly going forward in my car pulling a truck up a ramp! 💪

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            1. Yes the Lord is great! I’ve been praying He shows me if I’m to do more with them. In the meantime I go when my husband calls and I get pulled into another escapade. Sometime I’ll tell you about the time he had me flooring the car while on jackstands while he’s underneath!…

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  1. Hey Amy, I know a possible solution that I figured out. I am also a free WordPress member so can’t upload audio directly. I found this, and have used it quite a bit lately. It’s got a voice recorder, or you upload audio fies and it give an embed code you can past on your blog.

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