Dear Loved One


Dear Loved One,

Where you going? Where to will you run? Haven’t you noticed the Devil has you yet again undone?

He tells you the same lies, his whispers now a holler. Shouting to you that the drugs will make the problems smaller.

When you look in the mirror loved one, what do you see? A year from now, where do you think you’ll be?

Can you see a year? Can you even see a day? Moment to moment,  looking for something to take the you; you don’t like away.

Dear, dear loved one…I once lived as you now do. Tossed back and forth, on a ship with no crew.

Ever the gentleman, God gives us free will. Beware of satan, he only came to destroy, steal and kill.

You cling to me when all around you your chips fall. I can’t do anything more than lead you to His loving call.

For many are called, but few are chosen, His kingdom is at hand. Will go up with Him, or stay and wallow in this broken land?






23 Replies to “Dear Loved One”

  1. Your poetry is a pouring out, if you will. You use words to vent frustration yet there is so much hope within them. Keep up the great work ❤️

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