More Post Picks!

So maybe I have an addiction to reading and posting about you all and your wonderful writings…forgive me😊

So my first was just wrote today by Linda at Amazing God Stories. She wrote today about her home and home city of Panama City, Fl getting hit by hurricane Michael and how God was with her through it, even when she didn’t think He was listening. Read God, Why Don’t You Answer

Next is The Best of Me by Melissa McLaughlin…you will never look at M&M’s the same. Needing a reminder of how we need to give God our best? And any of you young moms should read this to be reminded the hustle and bustle of being a mom is rewarded in our children’s love.

Slow Grief by Loved by The King of Kings, bears the heart of a wife and a daughter and her coming to terms with death and facing it eye to eye. Make sure to read through to her side-note…

John Eli put out a 2 part series titled What I Learned From Passing Judgment on Others and here’s part two  Title says it all. He’s sincere in these writings for our sakes to read and learn as well.

Ok next is Gail Loves God…she cranked out some poetry this past week! Some of it she shares that she wrote a while back…but it feels new to me!  Unplugging Your Pen and Besetting Foe If you don’t follow Gail, you should because she is humble and always gives God the glory.

See how Jeff Rabb gets himself tangled up during communion at church. How he can make it funny and yet clutch onto truth found in the Word. Read Supper Lord’s Backward and no I didn’t write that title wrong😉

Kathy Wire Are You Ready To Soar

Stuart Tutt Time

Alethea  When You Can’t Remember Who You Used to Be

Jesus luvs All Jesus Understands Trauma

Sue Cass The Homeless Angel


10 Replies to “More Post Picks!”

  1. Dear Amy, I can’t wait to dig into these great posts! There are so many people who can lift my spirit, point me to Christ and challenge me to grow in new ways. I am humbled to be included in this list of amazing writers. Thank you for your kindness and inspiration. God bless!

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    1. God bless you too. I have a 9yr old and a 6yr old…I know how valuable M&M’s are to them and I believe if I can show them love they will always wanna give me their best too. Just like we need to always remember with our Lord like you wrote. That’s the kind of inspiration we all need in these trying times

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  2. PTL! Thank you, Amy, such kind words… a testimony for our Lord! Crowns to lay at His feet. Praying for you and all of the bloggers you have mentioned, and those who will read. May He be glorified! 🙂 God loves you!


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