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8cf12755388409.56098181043ed.jpgThe art of the conversation can sure be tricky at times. Add all of this technology and new ways to communicate on top of it and it gets pretty ugly. There’s not much give and take anymore. I seem to either be on the receiving end of someone who only wants to talk and doesn’t want to hear a word I have to say. Or those that let you talk, then don’t acknowledge what you said and they are out the door.

Serving school lunch to headstart through 6th grade has shown me what direction the art of conversation is going. Granted there are stages where kids start to get a bit defiant and too cool for us adults (especially lunch ladies with hairnets). I took a close look today and here’s what I observed.

Headstart- through about 2nd grade will give you the time of day. Third grade mostly still look up and smile a bit. After that, 4th-6th, wow. I purposely spoke to as many as I could. Calling them by name, saying have a good day with a smile on my face. You wouldn’t believe the amount that totally ignored me. I wonder if it’s out of defiance or is it all the technology combined with parents not communicating with their children. Sure makes you wonder what road our future will go down.

What will be the future for those who need to hear about Jesus? Will we need to come up with quick, short billboard messages to reach the lost in the future? How will we keep their attention long enough to show them there is a God that loves them? Will memes and Gif’s take over bible studies? Churches where everyone is given a device and plug in to hear and read the preached word of God? Ok I know, I’m far-fetched in my thinking…

But who would’ve ever thought you could carry your home phone, your camera, your video-camera, your phone book, and your alarm clock all in your pocket???







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            1. I haven’t gotten to the phone stage with my kids. I’m thinking of having a home phone installed before anything else…but who knows my then we may be driving airplanes like back to the future

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  1. Ha, I can clearly remember having to make sure I had a dime….yep a dime…for a phone call before I went out into the streets to play. and if I called home, the answer would be on a rotary phone, not even a push button. That costs extra then. On the road in the country I live on now, most anybody can still remember when this road was still on a party line.

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          1. If you don’t mind me asking how do you handle when you get mean comments on WordPress I mean sometimes the comments are baseless when we never said what the comments claim we believe that. Sorry for the rant.

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            1. I don’t really get any. I’ve gotten some corrections or those who want to put their opinion a bit higher. But I let that stuff go. I tend to write more poetry and noncontroversial stuff,Not on purpose though. I’m sure if I put out what I live and think and believe my comments would blow up! Honestly…I guess you’ve got 3 options…1. Argue back and keep the fire going on. 2. Ignore the comments and do everything in your power to let it go. 3. Do what you’ve been doing and simply say I don’t want to argue.
              I’ve been learning some people on computers, face to face, old or young just simply like to argue and think they know what’s best and their opinions are what counts. When I see them…I run like the wind! 😆

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  2. I find all the mobile phone arena scary it is taking people to a sad place. I find them intrusive. Keep speaking to the older ones have a joke with them you will get a response. At least you have a chance to interact with them. Instagram is a place where the young meet Jesus there are many including myself post about Jesus they do read and follow. Strange I know and it brings them to my website too where I speak in more detail. What you say is so right people just don’t listen to self-absorbed. Blessings

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    1. Way too many things on our plates these days. Our minds are spinning. Sad. I was talking to a woman at church last night. She said what she wanted to say and then I spoke and she completely ignored me and turned away. Hard not to get your feelings hurt but I could tell it wasn’t out of meanness that she did it. Just can’t give back. 🙄

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  3. I laughed, shook my head and sighed while reading this post. It’s a wonder though, but I don’t think you are very far off. Talking about sharing our faith, I’m reminded about The Turning. I wrote about it on a post a while ago. We use a short script to share our faith with others, and it was quite effective.

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