How Does He Do It?

Omnipresent– He can be anywhere and everywhere. He can be at your son’s baseball game when a devastating blow is on it’s way toward your son. He can be in your hospital room when the doctors tell you there’s nothing more they can do for the cancer. He can be in your room tonight when you hear those familiar voices whispering, “You’re not good enough” in your ear.


Omniscient-all knowing. He knows all, everything. The whole of the matter. He knows exactly where that ball is headed and the trajectory of its path before it even makes it’s plight. He knows before the doctors make the incision what they will find. He knows those voices by name and where they come from. He knows their plans before they’re even whispered.


Omnipotent-all powerful. He carries all power in heaven and earth. He has the power to change the course of that ball from even coming near to your child.  Not even a near-miss, if He says so! He carries the power to diminish any stage cancer cell from your body before the doctors can gaze upon your exposed body. He has all power to shut up the voices that whisper lies to you. He has the power to forever clamp their mouths shut.



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