The Alpha and The Omega

hqdefault.jpgWhat happened from this very moment and before…The Past

Where skeletons hide in cluttered, dusty closets…The Past

Where memories go and get misconstrued…The Past

Where flashbacks dwell to find their fuel to thrive…The Past

The place where the real truth of the matter can be found…The Past

Happenings that cannot ever happen again…The Past


What has yet to happen from this moment on…The Future

The place to wear shades for it is so bright…The Future

Where the sky truly is the limit…The Future

Where goals can become reality…The Future

The only place can things can happen that haven’t happened yet…The Future


What is happening now at this very moment…The Present

Not earlier, nor later, but now…The Present

The only place where a decision can be made…The Present


Where control has any power. Where change can be active…The Present.

The moment where we mortals can accept and invite in the One Who was, Who is, Who is to come  into our hearts…The Present


14 Replies to “The Alpha and The Omega”

      1. Yes, it’s just been crazy since Mom fell. Lots of doctor’s visits, visiting nurses, PT, etc. She doesn’t drive anymore. I finally got our apples picked and prepped; lost more than half to bugs and rot. Trying to set better boundaries….Thanks so much for asking! I need to do an update post. My mind has been whirling.

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