My Post Picks Sept 20

This pic is for our friend Stuart. In his post this week he has graciously designed a way to have a blog-prayer chain. Go here to see the details if you’d like to be included on recieving prayer requests to pray for.

We start with a post by Marques Jefferies…Are You Prepared. As he shares with us something he saw on fb about the coming flooding and hurricane on its way to NC. This was wrote last week. Very impactful.

Storm Breaker by Wordcoaster is really good as he reminds us in a poem of there being more than one kind of storm in our lives.

Next is Vulnerability by The Eclectic Contrarian as he becomes vulnerable in order to get his point across.

Let’s Have Fun by Laleh Chini is such a good good tale of doing the right thing! You’ll enjoy this read for sure.

Ok so My Kathy Wire knocked two out of the park last week in my opinion. First was Leona’s Secret...left me wanting more and I could see the makings of a good book. Oh and Tears of Gold…so good. I can’t tell you anything about either or I will ruin the stories for you.

Next up is The Miles by Warren Richards. Truly, every other sentence is another nugget of rich truth that we as Christians need to remember as we journey through our walks with God to the finish line.

Pray Anyway by Cynthia at Tears in a Bottle just posted an hour ago as I write this. Are you a wife who feels like things will never change with your unbelieving husband? Need some hope? Read this!

What Are You Afraid Of at Atimetoshare got me thinking. She speaks of fear and describes it to us. She then shows us Who can dispel all fear!


9 Replies to “My Post Picks Sept 20”

  1. Great picks Amy. I missed a few of these. Time for some reading at break.

    Thanks for the photo 😂 You have no idea how close that is to how I feel at moment after yesterday mornings near miss from an 18 wheeler that decided to pull out into oncoming traffic. Thank God for good brakes!

    I appreciate the shout out for the prayer group 🙂

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