My Post Picks Sept 8th

blogging-cat.jpgIf y’all would quit writing such good stuff you wouldn’t have to put up with so many of these from me!😁 I do so enjoy them and hope you do as well. I was touched tonight as a fellow blogger The Eclectic Contrarian mentioned me in his post of thanking others. His words touched my heart and made me cry! Also read Can We Talk and Sensitivity both down to earth good reads.

Ok many to go…next Melissa is a new blogger. She’s a Christian writer and teacher and needs our support as she builds her blog. Check out her post The Search As you read this post you will see the brilliance she has to bring to the table in writing. (I would’ve have balled my eyes out when I saw that ring, Melissa!)

Change Your Past by Kathy Wire is a guaranteed goodie as each of you can relate to one scenario or two in this post. My Kathy, you rock as always!

You have to, have to, read Revelations From the Heart by Jeff Rab then go to your church and see if you can organize something like what he wrote about. He set the scene eloquently. Gotta read it!

Thankful Seconds by Mother of Angels is a poem not soon to be forgotten as she writes…well I can’t spoil it for you, click and read it, my friends.

I’m going to list the rest without comment only for space and time sake. I also want to throw out there how much I appreciate you that read my “stuff” and take this journey with me as I encounter the future of healing. I thank you all as well for always putting good stuff out there to keep us encouraged in these crazy days we live in.

Home by AwakeningWildFlower

I Shall Go Home by Wordcoaster

If Jesus Came to your House by Crissy

Wash-Rinse-Repeat by Julie Peter’s

Is Unbelief Your Sin? By Jackie

Jesus Pulls Me From My Past by Julie Dibble

And Then There Were Monkeys by JNelson

H÷ Transhumanism by Valerie Cullers


11 Replies to “My Post Picks Sept 8th”

  1. Thank you Amy for your care and attention with reading others’ blogs. It is such a blessing to be connected with you, because then I am connected with all these others. I look forward to getting acquainted with those bloggers who are new to me.

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