That No Man Perish


Dear addict,

Have you any plans? Do you see the constant tremble of your hands?

Hands that so freely pluck and grab. Feet running to plunder what you can knab.

Running in the same path like a donkey tied to a millstone. The night sounds calling you as you roam.

Addict, you have the power locked deep inside. All given the will to be free or run and hide.

You say you are tired, too old to keep up.  Your actions speak otherwise, with your foot in the stirrup…

Ready for another ride; do you have what it takes? Can you be sure you’ll come out unscathed from your mistakes?

The voice you hear sounds like a familiar friend…really is a foe, set to see you to your untimely end.

My sister, my mother, my friend, my wife…all look the same, all have the same strife.

Pray without ceasing for your addicted loved one. Pray the Lord would take away the thirst, the love, the fun…

For it is His will that no man shall perish, but that all would have everlasting life to cherish.


We know that addiction may come wrapped in new packaging these days. But when we open the box, it is still the same lie being told century after century. There is no new thing under the sun as your word says…that means there’s no new drug you cannot defeat. Help us to remember you have all power. Help our loved ones to walk away and walk toward you. I pray their ears would be stopped and clogged from hearing anymore lies. I pray they would see they aren’t powerless as society would like them to think. That they have a power given by God if they choose it. I pray a hedge of protection over my addicted loved ones, and that You would send them someone with the truth in time.  Amen


15 Replies to “That No Man Perish”

  1. Great post! People don’t understand addicts, I’ve heard it said before that only an addict can understand an addict. This is a profound truth! We’re a particular sort. And those of us who’ve overcame must be the strength for those who are still overcoming.

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      1. Of course, AA doesn’t approach the problem from a spiritual aspect. They’re a fix the symptom not the source kind of deal. Addiction as you well know is a mental, physical and spiritual bondage. It takes the Lord to remove the source. Otherwise, the person only relapses.

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