My Post Picks…Again Part 2


World’s Largest Puzzle is where we pick up part two of my post picks. Stuart speaks volumes in this post of how he wishes we could see the whole puzzle of our lives and know where each piece fits.  He opens up alot of his regrets, and like true Stu fashion, he gets real in this one.

Joseph speaks to us plainly in his post Is Afraid of Sausages yeah the title gets you wondering now doesn’t it? Joseph gives quick insight each day and always uses a name for God and interprets it. Then go over and read GaillovesGod’s post Mean as A Snake this post came at just the right time as I had just asked my husband, how do you get back at someone who continually hurts you, that is so mean that nothing you say really gets them back? His answer…don’t say or do anything back. Best advice I’ve ever had!

Bornagain732 knocks this comparison out of the park for me in her post Roman Catholicism VS Biblical Teaching.  She made a wonderful chart with scripture to back up her findings!

Not All Smiles Are Sweet  from Linda at Amazing God Stories. Is a good and funny reminder to be careful of those you meet. What You Do Is Not Small by Jess Kidding speaks of the seasons in our lives.

Why You Don’t Have to Understand Someone to Love Them by Minister Aldtric Johnson. Title speaks for itself!

Film Festival by Laleh Chini came out today. Short, quick, to the point…leaves you thinking….”Would I have been one of those who got up and left?”

Finally, A Call For Help in the Middle of The Night where Matt from Jesusluvsall humbly tells of a situation he helped in, not to toot his horn, but rather to draw attention to abuse.



9 Replies to “My Post Picks…Again Part 2”

  1. Thank you, sister, for your post pickings! Someone will be “fed” ❤

    May you have a great day KNOWING how blessed we truly are, Amy!


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