My Post Picks…Again!


Howdy y’all! There’s some really good stuff you all are writing that I have a ton saved. I may have to do two post picks. I hope this doesn’t become redundant for you all, but I really enjoy doing these and I can’t think of a better way to honor fellow bloggers and help each other reach different audiences. So without further ado…

First up just was blogged this week by Julie Peters. There are two that go hand in hand that spoke depths to me about the struggle of having a mother with mental illness and her bravery she faces as she goes to see her mom in the hospital. Not By My Own Volition read first then read The Aftermath

Next is T.R. Noble’s Torn Wing is a poem that just works. Works for you, works for me. It doesn’t pinpoint only one type of person or a certain struggle. Just us humans trying to strive and needing to embrace the grace of God more.

Julie Dibbles rocks her poem The Thirsty. Here is another poem that speaks volumes to the lost. And once again about redemption. The picture of the guy slumped over the table, bottle in hand,  reminds us that most of us were there once…But God!

Do you follow Vickie’s Book Nook? It’s more than books as she is a sincere friendly writer. She bares her heart in her nomination of Random Acts of Kindness (which was a pretty cool award floating around last week) She shows us, unknowingly, just what kind of mother she was when she gives her daughter the credit.

Ok ok ok…Next is Hannah at Lawsonsmustardseed. Our journey Day 1 once you read this you’ll find 3 others on her blog to tell the story of how her son was born and the events that followed. She is a married, young mother of two with such good insight and a honest heart. Read their story and pray for them.

Yep gonna have to do two post picks! But before I go, I have to mention Shout It by my fav Wordcoaster! He sums it all up in a quick poem. I’ll put another out tonight or tomorrow. The whole truth part 4 coming sun or Monday.


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