Addiction I can see you poking around the edges of the iris, hiding your secrets in your hands.

Is that dispare behind you pushing you to step further? Is dispare up to it’s usual tricks trying to influence you?

Tell dispare to come forward and show himself. For once, we can speak to him, we can stop his bullying.

Guilt and regrets of the past, is that you waiting in line to tell your repetitive stories? Won’t you allow yourselves be forgotten?

And finally, grief…I see you. It’s your bed time for eternity. Oh how you cause so much trouble, making us think there’s no way to conquer you.

Grief begat guilt

Guilt begat regret

Regret begat dispare

Dispare begat addiction.

In three long strides, in walks The Almighty. He bends down and scoops up grief into his hands, turns it, flips it like a rubicks cube, shaping and twisting…holds out his hand and there is JOY setting in the palm of His hand.




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