All That Remains


So here we are you and me, this time I’m the forgiven and you’re the Forgivee.

Your cupboards and pockets full of get-out-of-jail-free cards. You hand them freely when my life is in shards.

Your grace is always sufficient for me. Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand clearly.

Your love flows down from the heavens landing on my head. Down that tree to the ground, it fled…

From your body with its almighty cleansing Covering. It spreads out upon the demons, hovering.

Your mercy and grace new each day. Waiting upon each sin to simply take away.

You have forgiven me, let me loose from the chains. For to forgive myself, is all that remains.

Father, Today we are clay in your hands. Take the everyday occurrences and help them speak to us of how your forgiveness truly works. Show us how to let go of past pains and regrets and to ever let them go. Father forgive us for not forgiving ourselves, for when we don’t let go we offend your forgiving power. 


15 Replies to “All That Remains”

  1. Powerful portrayal of His Love.
    And, powerful prayer at the end. Why is it so hard for us to let go? God has forgiven; that’s in our heads. Is it such a difficult journey for that to travel to our hearts? Lord, forgive us our unbelief!

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  2. Your poetry gets to the heart of your relationship with God. I suffer guilt from past sins and even though I’m forgiven, the hardest thing to do is forgive myself.

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    1. Yes I’ve learned that no one not even God can help you forgive yourself. I mean like if someone were to pray over you they may be able to pray for the realization or daily signs to point you in the direction but ultimately you have to do it. It’s so hard

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