Whimsical Thoughts


I wonder if in death the age a person remains in heaven. Babies stay babies? Children are still children?

Are there grannies pushing swings of angelic children, giggling laughter ringing through the air?

Can you hear slapping of bare feet on golden streets as the children run and play?

Do the children swim in waters made of chocolate and dive into marshmallow pits in their spare time in eternity?

No peer pressure in heaven. No bullies to stand up to. No drunk mommies and no feelings of abandonment. No measuring and comparing in heaven. Pure bliss.

Do the children get down on their knees on the edge of heaven and peer down upon us? Do they cross their fingers and hope we will behave and make it to them?

Do they slip reminder notes saying, “Make our mommy a double rainbow today” into the pockets of dispatched angels? Our guardian angels, our warring angels, speaking peace and carrying God’s love in their hands?

Do the children run to the table to dine with the Master…eating all their fruits and veggies…with no complaints?

Am I the only one that wonders these things? Comment if you’d like of what you imagine will be in heaven.



22 Replies to “Whimsical Thoughts”

  1. I want to swim with the whales and dolphins, and soar among the galaxies, and walk in fields of flowers, and nap against a lion, and explore molecules and atoms and stars; all with the multitude of those (you) praising my Savior!

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  2. I always wonder about heaven. If I will recognize loved ones who are there. It’s amazing to think that it will be even better than the best church service I’ve ever been in. When I fall at His feet to worship Him & He touches me, it will be anything I can comprehend!

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  3. I read the book 90 Minutes in Heaven and heard the author speak. Based upon what he shared, I imagine a large group of people I knew throughout my life waiting to welcome me at the gate. I imagine the most glorious sound I ever heard filling the air without seeing its source. I imagine looking into the eyes of Jesus and falling to my knees in awe. I can’t quite see past the gate in my mind.

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  4. Amy, by no strecth of the imagination are you they only one who ponders Heaven. And from what I’ve read and understand of scripture yes, there will be souls of a child’s age and a Granny’s age. Streets of gold and yet so clear it’s almost see through. The gates are freaking ginormous is height and thickness.
    I can’t wait 🙂

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